Manufacturer Hospitality Events provide opportunities for manufacturers to entertain distributors on Friday evening. Host a hospitality reception on your own or with other non-competing manufacturers to show support to your distributors.

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Download the Manufacturer Hospitalities FAQs for additional information and instructions on hosting an event or click on a topic below.

When is the best day and time to host a hospitality event?
September 29 is the evening that has been dedicated specifically for hospitalities. No functions have been scheduled during this time specifically to allow for private events. On September 29, private events may be held after 3:30 pm local time. This is the full list of dates/times that have been pre-approved for members to reserve meeting space at the Diplomat for hospitality functions and business/sales meetings:
Wed. 9/27 – before 12:00 pm (noon) and after 5:00 pm
Th. 9/28 – between 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Fri. 9/29 – after 3:30 pm
Sat. 9/30 – between 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

What meeting rooms/venues at the host hotel are best for attracting the most attendees?
While outdoor venues on most hotel properties are very popular and attractive, they tend to be far away from the other hospitality events. Most distributors are invited to all of the hospitalities and will
move from one to the next. PTDA recommends asking the hotel contact (Gabrielle Wellner at where the other hospitalities are taking place and try to place yours in a cluster with theirs.

How do I determine what size meeting room/venue I need?
The first question the hotel will ask is “how many people are you expecting” in order to determine the meeting space to assign to your event. Although you may anticipate 100 people, it is important to let them know that you expect approximately 100 people on a “flow” for “x” number of hours. This will ensure you are not assigned to a large meeting room designed for 100 people when in fact you may have 25 in the room at one time, making your event appear to be not well attended.

How do I know how many people will show up?
On average you will probably have between 50-100 people attend your hospitality event if it is an open invitation. We recommend adequate signage to maximize attendance.

How do I reserve a meeting room or venue with the hotel and when do I need to reserve it?
Because meeting space is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis for attendees, as well as the public, you should reserve your space as soon as possible. Complete the Hospitality Space Request form and send to Gabrielle Wellner at and cc Kelly Butler at Gabrielle will contact you to discuss meeting room/venue as well as food and beverage options.

How do I know how much food and beverage to order?
Be sure to complete the Hospitality Space Request form as thoroughly as possible. The more information the hotel contact has, the better she/he can help you. She/he will work with you to make sure you order within your budget and not run out of food. If you have a strict budget, it is recommended you do an invitation-only hospitality event. Reception-style food and open bar are the most popular hospitality events.

How should the room be set?
Because the attendees will most likely come and go on a flow, it is recommended that you offer several “high boys” (tall tables with no chairs) as well as cocktail rounds (small, short tables with 2-4 chairs each).

When should I send the invitations and how do I get a list of who is attending?
NIBA or PTDA can provide you with a list of distributors who have registered for the Joint Industry Summit in early August. It is also important to reach out to your current distributors and inquire if they will be attending the Joint Industry Summit. They might be considering attendance and your call might just be the push they need to decide.

Are there any other manufacturers looking to do a hospitality with another manufacturer and share the expense?
We are often asked this question and therefore we keep a list of interested manufacturers. Contact Kelly Butler at Kelly can provide you with a list of anyone she is aware of as well as add your company name to the list.

Can NIBA or PTDA help advertise my hospitality event?
If the Hospitality Space Request form is completed and sent to Kelly Butler, NIBA/PTDA is aware of your hospitality details. NIBA/PTDA will receive from the hotel a list of all hospitality events, what meeting room/venue they are taking place in and what date/time. If your hospitality event is open to all distributors, yours will be listed on a sign that will be located next to the conference registration desk in the hotel the day before and the day of the hospitality event. Details should be finalized at least 60 days before the event to be included on the sign.